This Greek Crisis Story…

Day two of the big freeze. The people I see are mostly in a state of shock. Surprisingly low key discussions abound. Down in the square, the priests chant, praying for monetary salvation across the street from Syriza headquarters.

This greek story is like your Uncle Kostas and his American buddies gambled away the farm in Vegas, split town and Grandma and Grandpa have to cover their asses from their Social Security. And everyone blames Grandma.

That’s that. Frankfurt great and the end of this tour until October. I am so very pleased with it all. Georgio has been a gas. Thanks to all and sundry.

Today we play in Enschede, Netherlands. I don’t know where it is either. Time for google maps.

Enschede was an anarchist squat. Kind of clever recycled plastic objects. I got angry because it was dirty. The stage was in a pit filled with beer bottles and cigarette butts. I told the guys there that “Anarchists should prove they are better than the system they want to replace by being better organized”.