Agamemnon goes east. (Tibilisi, Georgia)

October 26, 2000 9:27 AM tibilisi, georgia greetings from the former land of the red star. 

Tibilisi. welcome to the fities. at the post office here in this former soviet socialist republic with mediaeval stuff all over the place. this is a different story altogether from europe, and so forth. back in zurich at the free internet terminals. glad you got the video. i am so fried i feel like tempura. i am too fried to be fried. i will get back to you when i am less fried. georgia was primitive, we went to more than one cafe or restaurant that was lit by candlelight because the electricity was cut. strange walking down the street where little old women are huddled behind cardboard boxes full of marlboros and coke, street lit only by candles. This seems to be the shape of the new world order here, people selling coke and marlboros to each other by candlelight.  Constantinos got mugged. We ate a farewell dinner at a local restaurant that was more style than substance. The dishes arrived with great fanfare, but upon closer inspection one realized that there was practically nothing there to eat. These people are to be admired, at the very least for having the chutzpah to stage a theatre festival in the first place. Then, they file reverently in to watch an ancient greek tragedy played in Greek and English in a dense avant-garde manner by a company of scruffy bohos from Athens. Perish the thought of subtitles of some sort, or translation.

We nevertheless arrived back in Athens too exhausted for all the theatrical kissing and sentimentalism that usually accompanies the end of a run. Waiting in line for 4 hours at 5 am for the surly Georgian authorities to process our visas nipped that in the bud.