Summer in Athens, 2012. New video upload.

In this video, we see representative clips of the great variety of street musicians in Athens. We take an upbeat tone, edited for ease on the mind, leaving out the gangrenous swollen legs of the begging junkies and all of that because it’s a drag. Here is the kind of Balkan weirdness Athens is best at.

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JJ La Rue Memorial Page

On this day, July 15, 1998 JJ La Rue (nee Janet Beth Shulnes) left this shabby film set and set about continuing the rest of her journey somewhere we cannot know. She had been my heart’s delight and my boon companion for 18 years. We had endured some cruelly lean years, we travelled the world and we laughed a hell of a lot. Now I dream of her often.

On this date every year, I like to evoke the memory of the wave in the great sea of being that temporarily bore her name. Damn, girl! Wish you were here!

JJ La Rue Memorial Page and gallery.

My 59th Birthday

Me before my gastroscopy in the hospital holding pen.

Yes, friends, Tuesday, July 10,2012 marks the 59th anniversary of the birth of Blaine Leslie Reininger, your humble narrator, your working boy, me. On this day in 1953 at Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado I fought my way out of Virginia Reininger. nee Vigil and was displayed to Blaine Morton Reininger who no doubt thought that I would do, though I was covered in blood and mucus.