Rapture Postponed

It’s Sunday May 22, 2011 and nobody got raptured. Jesus didn’t come again and levitate the faithful outta here. Quelle surpríse. The real problem with this kind of religiosity is the fact that credulous bozoes and fanatics have convinced the mass of people that their antics constitute a definition of religion. To believe, in many people’s eyes, is to be a moron. In this way, fanatic dummies do more than anyone else to promote materialism and turn people away from spirituality. Que lastima.

Electric Girl Album

I have just released three pieces from 2008’s dance performance “Electric Girl”. They are available for paid download online.

Some program notes:

Quasi Stellar | Apostolia Papadamaki

Electric Girl


Quasi Stellar | Apostolia Papadamaki presents Electric Girl, her latest work.
In an old electric factory a strange man (Blaine Reininger), saves a girl (Chara Kotsali) who’s drowning under the cables of the deserted industrial unit. Their meeting is the start of a dissertation about the body and its sacred character, the subconscious, autonomy…
With a creative insight, Apostolia Papadamaki offers a performance wich combines passages in motion, Walt Whitman’s poetry and music performed live by Blaine Reininger, a member of the classic avant-garde band Tuxedomoon. Electric Girl. Are we witnessing a real body or the product of our imagination? Guilt or victimism? True or False?