Maria and I signed papers of civil union today

(even though we’ve been together 11 years and living together for 5).

Civil union grants both partners all the rights of marriage without a lot of the fuss. We did this because I had a damnably tough time getting a copy of my birth certificate, required for any standard wedding, after my interminable divorce. We signed our papers of union in the office of Giorgos Stephanakos, a long time friend of the bride.

Banks reopen today. Whee. Happy days are here again. (someone should invent a maximum irony emoji. I wouldn’t use it anyway. Too ironic.)

people waiting in line to withdraw their daily limit of €50

17 years ago today, my boon companion, heart of my heart, JJ left this sorry world behind…

I do miss her still and she visits me often in dreams. I think not only of the things she missed out on witnessing, but also what she was spared in the ever unfolding course of events. See you on the other side, JJ.