First Reviews of “Commissions 2”

From “The Electric Club”


(c) Elina Giounanli

Dat Tuxedomoon-kopstuk Blaine L. Reininger wel meer op zijn strijkstok heeft dan de Tuxedomoonnummers, weten we al langer. Zo schrijft hij ook muziek voor theater- en dansproducties. Op zijn nieuwe album Commissions 2 krijgen we dat deeltje van zijn oeuvre te horen, dat hij tussen 2015 en 2019 produceerde. Eerder werk uit dat genre kregen we in 2014 op de eerste Comissions.

“Since 2015,” legt Blaine zelf uit, “I have played a ukulele-weilding Satan in The Master and Margarita, been a one-man band to accompany Caliglua’s evil antics six times a week, and – most recently – played and sung at sunset with a ten-piece choir before the very wall of the Mauthause*-n concentration camp in Austria.”

Het album is digitaal en op dubbel-cd verkrijgbaar bij het label Les Disques du Crépuscule.

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Tonight is the premiere of Maria’s production of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” at Onassis Cultural Center…

Tonight is the premiere of Maria’s production of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” at Onassis Cultural Center. Also Maria’s birthday. Tomorrow I start my German tour. That’s all of it.

Last night’s crowd of 1400. Sold out. Caligula takes Thessaloníki.

Mount Olympus in the background

Thessaloniki is such a nicer city than Athens. Pity it’s so humid. Otherwise, it’s tree lined, beautiful, and the waterfront right in the center closes the deal.

Every night, working on a play about mad king Caligula…

Bust of Caligula depicted in its original colors. What a looker, eh? Sex on a stick or what?

Every night, working on a play about mad king Caligula, playing deadly mind games with his advisors, inflicting chaos on his people, venal, psychopathic and repulsive, I am reminded of the great bloated wart hog now sitting in the imperial court of the US. Oh woe. 


A scene from the shooting of a film I was in called “Sacrilege” by director Marsa Makris.

Her first feature film, “Ierosyloi” (Sacrilege), co-produced by the Greek Film Centre & ERT (Greek National Broadcaster), has just been completed. In “Ierosyloi”/ “Sacrilege”, the two protagonists, a beautiful woman (played by Loukia Michalopoulou) and a sick bed-ridden man (played by musician and performer Blaine Reininger), share their common life, caged in a large and decaying labyrinthine penthouse, cut off from a crazy and threatening surrounding world that they spy upon through the window’s grilles and slots. Together they fall into a world between fantasy, history and reality. Fear, anger, illusion, ridiculousness and wonder interchange constantly in a frantic psychological twist of obsessive faith and the need of salvation. They are “The Beauty and the Beast”, but with the absence of Love. The third protagonist is a Byzantine icon of St-George, which was stolen by the male protagonist and hidden in a secret spot inside the apartment.