Miss Colorado, Greek National Theatre

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hear ye, Hear ye, come one come all.

I am currently appearing as an actor with the Greek National Theatre in the role of Miss Colorado, an american drag queen living and working in the circus in Greece. In the course of my drag queenly duties, I also play violin, guitar and bass, as well as singing one rousing number on wheels.

The play is called ‘I Nykta Tou Mystikon” or “The Night of Secrets” by Greek playwright Akis Dimou. It is directed by Elli Papakonstantinou with music by Dimitris Kamarotos and costumes and sets by Kenny MacLellan. Also appearing in the show are, Laertes Basileou, Thanansis Katsafados, Thodoris Evthimiadis, Athina Masimou and Peggy Trikalioti.

Performances are at Ethniko Theatro, Nea Skini, Synkrono Theatro Athinas,

Evmilpidon 41, Gazi, Athens, Greece.

Wed.-Sat. 21:00, Sunday 19:00 until January 20.

Ticket information at

2103455020, 801-11-60000, 2106786000

Nyxti Tou Mystikon