Faster Internet

Monday, October 16, 2006


Yes, my friends, today I managed to hook up two new plastic boxes to my computer and join the fast set, surfing the net at a breath-taking 12 mb per second. This constitutes a vast improvement over my former speed of 64 kb per second. Just goes to show you, if you wait long enough, just about anything comes to greece. Now I can join the smart set downloading media in less than two days’ time, listen to music from the horde of bands who seem to come to my virtual door and become a youtuber.(analogous to couch potato).

For those of you kind enough to ask, yes I have managed to keep up the not smoking. How strange, though to put so much energy into an absence, a negation. I am very busy not smoking. I certainly don’t intend to resume. How very foolish that would be.

I even saw this movie “Thank you for smoking”. Thought it very funny. I thought it speaks volumes about the kind of amoral non-man we will become before long. No morals, no problem, what’s morals, granpa? Perhaps this is the Nietzschean superman, beyond good and evil?

I repeat, addiction equals control. Never mind your personal inability to shake whatever chemical or behavior has you by the snarlies. What is really evil is that one human would steal another’s very life essence, his time and the energy congealed in his money in order to perpetuate the delusion that the one doing the stealing can somehow live forever. What is the ultimate goal of greed if not to seek a reprieve from death? More time to get more things to be happier. Hah.

For you see, my dear friends, nicotine is not the first chemical which had me by those snarlies which I have been obliged to rule out of my existence. Not by a long shot. You can probably imagine the nasty stuff I shoved down my gob or into my arm or up my nose, from bottle, bindle, pharmacy. And, not to get all pious and strange, I thank God for helping me get past these toxic traps, for it is entirely down to him/her/it. I am a lucky dude, dude, that I am still alive and healthy with at least half a brain and my creative abilities intact. Damn.

oh well. It’s late. Time for sleepy bo bos. Outta here.