Bengali Shoutfest 2014

 Now we have a two day bangla desh cultural awareness festival in the square below the house. They say it is Bengali new year, though google says that was april 10. I guess this is the city of athens trying to win favor with the bangladeshi community and make them forget how crap their lives are and how many of them are being held in squalid immigration jails up north.

Bengali people seem to be in love with the sound of their own voices distorted by shouting full blast into a microphone and playing squeaky minnie mouse voiced female disco all day long. the one consolation is that this too shall pass. It has been twelve hours. It was twelve hours yesterday. I am no longer angered by this, just stunned, numbed, feeling like a victim of psychological warfare, remembering how the US army played full blast heavy metal music at Noriega in Panama trying to drive him out of his compound.

The singers seem to have a non committal relationship with the tunes they sing. The accompanying harmonium and all seem to be on average a semitone flatter than they sing. This doesn’t stop them from singing at full bore though. There are legions of women too who cultivate the Minnie Mouse after a tonsillectomy style of singing and have similar contempt for the concept of a tonal center.

I am wearing earplugs as I write this.

I am certainly no cultural imperialist. Everyone has a right to get down with their bad selves according to the idiom of their choice, but I can’t see how a solid 24 hours is required. Enough is enough.

On another note, I am back from tour for about two weeks, decompressing and allowing digestive tract to return to old geezer version of normalcy…have been all excited by linking my various devices (phones, tablets, laptops and desktop) into a network and then plugging my new ‘chromecast’ into the back of the tv to allow me to send internet content up onto the tv screen. and i have been mad with acquisition fever on spotify and the google equivalent google play music where one may listen to any and all music without having to download it or pay or steal for local storage and then the resulting soup can also be witnessed on the chromecast in the back of the tv.

the phone company gave me a new samsung galaxy s4 for €40 only as a reward for signing on for another year’s indentured servitude. It is a wonder and i love it madly.

we are inamorato con il gato loving our new(ish) kitty who is very very smart, displaying alarming intelligence like when he puts his paw on the brush to show us what he wants and how he opens doors or gets our attention by putting the pictures on the wall askew (just out of kilter enough to bug us).

now i will probably go out on my bicycle to escape the bengali disturbance, though it has been raining and the streets are slippery. sometimes fine dust from the sahara blows in from africa and hovers in the air for a day or two before falling to the ground with the rain and depositing mud on everything.

The ruckus ended last night at 11:00. Two hours to go. (As it turned out the final shout of “Bangla desh community!!!!!!” was heard at midnight.)