Der Alte, 1987,Tromsø, Norway.

A memorable show north of the Arctic circle in Norway.

From a memorable solo show north of the Arctic circle in Norway. The only way to get there was by plane, boat or train. There was no road. The batteries in our devices got too cold to function. We were there the day that the sun came out for 15 minutes. The sky got gray. Everyone celebrated. We ate a freshly caught salmon backstage and got plastered from everyone’s secret stash of booze.

David Bowie. Gone Beyond.

Bowie at 14

David Bowie has gone beyond. Well and truly left the building. He shall sing no more.

Like many another outsider and geek, living out in nowheresville, news of this man spoke to me at a deep level and changed my very life. Now, the wavefront called David Jones/Bowie undulates on ahead, towards unknown consequences. “You can tell me all about it on the next Bardo..”

All things and all kings must pass, my friends. Bowie entered an American musical landscape in the 1970’s peopled by Jim Croce and the Eagles and issued a call to all us weirdos. Saved us.

It is easy to understand Bowie’s appeal to me and people like me, he was articulate, intelligent, aware of currents in reality and society. He was a genuine artist of the first caliber, firing on all cylinders and choosing to do so in the context of popular culture, not only in the hallowed halls of high culture and art.

Yes, there’s not a moment in my life not evoked by one song or other from david bowie. these bring on the tears, not so much the loss of a man, who after all, i never knew.

This passing has effected me to a surprising extent. Maybe it’s because it makes blindingly clear the fact that if this one, the very avatar of youth, wit, beauty, and success is subject to the same demise as we are,  at 62, my demise doesn’t seem all that far away.