Dream of an Eagle

Last night, I dreamt that my son Ian had taken the form of an eagle. Me and the eagle and Ian (who was also present in human form) were sitting in a car next to a school. The eagle was sitting in the front seat, next to the empty driver’s seat. The eagle was always on the verge of going feral on us, attacking and tearing us to pieces. I had to keep looking him in the eye and being as cool as possible. At one point a little girl from the school came and looked in the car window and was making kissy noises at the eagle. I was trying to get her to be quiet. Suddenly, the car door was opened and the eagle flew out. “Now look what you’ve done!” I said. I had to coax the eagle back into the car while it was soaring around over the school. Finally, the eagle landed and transformed into human form. First it became Ian who transformed in turn into an old Shaman in buckskins, a comic figure out of Mel Brooks. He staggered around for a bit, feigning disorientation, saying “Oy, I gotta stop becoming an eagle all the time. It’s exhausting!” And then he was off up the street.

What does this mean? What does this signify? Who knows. It is certainly charged with Native American spiritual juju. Must be some kind of powerful message. Or not.