Site News Archive 2002-4

The original ascii graphic logo from the mundoblaineo site news bulletin

I have been working on the archive of the Mundoblaineo Site News. These were bulletins I sent out via Bravenet mailing lists to an assortment of my friends from around the world. This was the labored form my blog took until I became aware the others had coded easier ways to post journal entries online. We forget how new all of this blogging and social networking and twittering really is.

I have left this page largely untouched for curatorial reasons, including my flirtation with ascii graphics. I did this because many of my subscribers were unable or unwilling to see HTML in their email. There is some good stuff buried in there, including the lyrics to The Beverly Hillbillies theme and much more.

Below is the exciting flash animated marquee from this page that I assembled after hours of work with macromedia flash. I then forgot how to to do this. (now vanished)