Corona Corona

Corona-wise, things are opening up around here. I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow. We have had a blessedly small attack of the furies, sustaining a little over 150 deaths in total. People are being a bit too lax in their social distancing, though. I hope it doesn’t accelerate. Certain shops are open, others and restaurants and cafes and bars remain closed. Funnily enough, there is a cafe in the platia I now frequent on my bike rides, Platia Agias Thomas, where the tables and chairs were left out, though the place remains closed. People just buy coffees from the still-open takeout places and sit there yakking and smoking.

Thankfully, we are spared the insane death wish politics infesting America now. First, the right wing propaganda convinced people that they didn’t want health insurance, now they are convinced that it is their constitutional right to die gasping on a ventilator. In fact, wanting the government to supply that ventilator is itself an act of treason. They will defend that right with their cold dead hands wrapped around their AR 15’s.

Oh Lord, lordy lord.