A scene from the shooting of a film I was in called “Sacrilege” by director Marsa Makris.

Her first feature film, “Ierosyloi” (Sacrilege), co-produced by the Greek Film Centre & ERT (Greek National Broadcaster), has just been completed. In “Ierosyloi”/ “Sacrilege”, the two protagonists, a beautiful woman (played by Loukia Michalopoulou) and a sick bed-ridden man (played by musician and performer Blaine Reininger), share their common life, caged in a large and decaying labyrinthine penthouse, cut off from a crazy and threatening surrounding world that they spy upon through the window’s grilles and slots. Together they fall into a world between fantasy, history and reality. Fear, anger, illusion, ridiculousness and wonder interchange constantly in a frantic psychological twist of obsessive faith and the need of salvation. They are “The Beauty and the Beast”, but with the absence of Love. The third protagonist is a Byzantine icon of St-George, which was stolen by the male protagonist and hidden in a secret spot inside the apartment.

Tuxedomoon soundcheck. Sinner’s Day with ultimate selfie

Tuxedomoon soundcheck. Stadium rock. Sinners’ Day festival at Hasselt Expo, Hasselt, Belgium. A huge festival. The soundcheck was at 8:30 am, earliest in my career. We had to vacate our dressing room for Public Image. Wankers.

I watched Hillary’s concession speech with the cat on my lap and tears in my eyes…

Hillary Clinton, former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, pauses while speaking at the New Yorker Hotel in New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. In the hours after Donald Trump’s election as the 45th president of the United States, Republicans in Congress claimed a mandate for their agenda to revamp financial rules and replace Obamacare, and Clinton urged her supporters to give him a chance to govern. Photographer: Olivier Douliery/Pool via Bloomberg via Getty Images

I watched Hillary’s concession speech with the cat on my lap and tears in my eyes. I came of age in Southern Colorado when Jack Kennedy was President, surrounded by my fellow “Latinos” who saw in him and the Democrats their best chance at inclusion in the state of things. How proudly some of my relatives went to work at Democratic headquarters. Even though he was an Irish Catholic, we thought he was one of us. Mexican families still have velour tapestries of Kennedy on their walls.

I feel like I did the day Bowie died. I can forget the looming dark fact for minutes at a time. Then something reminds me…

I have stayed with the Democrats through all of that. For all of their flaws, the Democrats gave us Medicare, BEOG college grants so that the likes of me could be educated, the Voting Rights Act, the Environmental Protection Agency, all down the line, in an attempt to even up the playing field in America. Their plans worked, too. Many poor kids who would at best have become smart criminals or the straw boss of their cotton picking gang under laissez faire capitalism went on to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, artists, or violinists like me. Now they want to undo even the pitiful health care plan that they dropped down from the table at us.

In attempting to prepare myself for this eventuality (just in case), I had decided the night before that I must revert to the strategy of denial and compartmentalization that allowed me to overcome my profound existential revulsion over Reagan and Bush.

As Trump would say, “SAD”.

I want bubba back in the white house.

I want Bubba back in the white house. I still remember when I went to visit my brother in Denver in 1999, after a 17 year absence, how I saw “now hiring” signs, big damn letters, posted in just about every store we passed. That was amazing. I had never seen such a thing. I remember going through the want ads, seeing nothing at all that sounded like something I could do. No jobs to be had, at least in Colorado in the 70’s. Then came W and there were no jobs again, just as it always used to be.

Today all day we pray earnestly to whatever incarnation of ultimate good we favor that Cheeto Benito (His Spraytanic Majesty) and his tiny retinue of Gollums goes down on one flush and does not merely swirl around or cling to the side.

Cheeto Benito

Soundcheck during the tornado. Post gig sights.

From a show with Dorian Gray of Cagliari in Roma. On the way to the show we were caught up in a real tempest. A tornado. Needless to say, no one came to the show, except a couple of very loyal friends.