Mundoblaineo American Edition

Back Home on the prairie

Wed Jun 4, 2003 8:48 am
Subject: secure in the homeland

Hi gang. This writing finds me in the old country, the United States of America. I was called to my home town of Pueblo, Colorado on family business at rather short notice. I am sitting in my the kitchen of the family manse writing to you.

It is most amazing to be back in the land of the free, home of the brave, in
these security-conscious duct tape hoarding times. One of the first things I
heard upon landing at Chicago’s O’Hare airport was an announcement on the PA from the department of homeland security, reminding us all that the security alert status had been moved to “orange” and warning us to beware of unattended baggage for this reason. The vile strangeness of this announcement reminded me of a scene from “fahrenheit 451” or some other dystopian science fiction fantasy from the 1960’s. This, my friends, was surely not the future I signed up for.

One may see that ‘security’ is a growth industry in this country now. Even the ads on the television that used to try and persuade young people to find their future in computers now peddle courses in “homeland security”. save me. All sorts of nasty folks now patrol the shopping precincts of this country wearing black and toting machine pistols in the name of ‘security’. They are no joke, my friends, one mocks them at one’s peril.

On a less creepy note, having been away from this place for twenty years or more I can see without prejudice that this town provided the raw material for the landscapes of my dreams. I am re-visiting significant locations on my brother’s bicycle, breathing in the magic prairie air, filled with delicious longing as the wind, charged by its journey over the prairie, heavy with the musk of an approaching thunderstorm, re-kindles sites of bewilderment in my being that I thought had long since been papered over with experience.

This vacant frontier town gets me where I live. I suppose that only when we get older do we realize that it is possible to have emotions which are oxymorons, love/hate fear/desire disgust/fascination. Small wonder that this oxymoron of a country, full of oxys and a hell of a lot of morons fascinates the world so.