Welcome to the enforced staycation

Greetings all, welcome to the mediocre 1970’s TV movie about an escaped virus that we are all now living.  

When you see those kinds of films or read such books, you often wonder how it would be to live through such an event. Now we are all finding out. 

I am grateful for social media in these times. I find that people online are maintaining calm and equanimity, at least the ones that get through to my feed. 

We will certainly emerge from this situation, though we can’t now be sure of what kind of shape we will all be in. I don’t have anything wise or even all that comforting to say about this, except to re-assert that all of this is illusory, staged to teach us some damn lesson or other. It’s the figuring out what that lesson is supposed to be that is maddening.

Om, y’all. Shanti shanti shanti