Did anyone actually see the candidate eat the rat?

I have been looking for this cartoon for years. It made a lasting impression on me. It is by a cartoonist named M.K. Brown and it ran in the National Lampoon in August 1972. I hope it is sufficiently legible that I won’t have to explain it. Put Romney’s head there (or one of the more rabid contenders) and you will see that this cartoon is not dated in the slightest.

The candidate eats rat.

Out on the Veranda

out on the veranda.

I got out my old tripod, the cunning small one that I bought at Rome airport while flush with tuxedomoon tour gelt. Then this photo sort of happened while Maria and some of her girl friends were having a wee glass o’ wine out on the veranda. We are so lucky to have this view without being millionaires. We see the mountains from one direction and the Acropolis et al from the other. Woo hoo.