Au Revoir, Cologne

The Cast of "10 Best Rocksongs"

16 may, 2003

Greetings and hallucinations. This here’s your old pal Blaine, obeying “The People from the Future”, (yes, the same ones who made question Mark write 96 tears) and writing another wee bulletinlet to further clog your inboxes. I haven’t written for a while. Miss me?

Wistfully, I prepare to close the door on this part of the throbbing melodrama and the rib-tickling carnival o’ laffs that is my life. Full of wist, I depart the fine city of Cologne and in particular this apartment. This place has done right by me. The walls have all stayed in place as has the ceiling, not too hot, not too cold with all mod cons. I will miss this place.

I have come to love the 21st century public works program beauty of this town. Riding my bicycle down one of the many bike paths, especially at night, I have lingered to step out of my gestalt, commune with my past selves and tell them all that, yes, we have arrived safely in the 21st century, guys. I love to imagine the ordinary night scene here played out in a 60’s sci-fi movie, streamlined superfast trains, computerized trams slowly gliding over a suspension bridge hung from one pole, tensile structure coliseum and tented theatre glowing blue in the distance. The taxis talk, giant tv screens distract those waiting in the metro stations, people send photos of each other back and forth with their pocket communicators.

The people in this town seem to be constantly on the move. The bike path along the Rhine is jammed with people walking, biking, roller blading, running, ships full of gawkers, kayaks and teams of rowers stream up and down the river. On a sunny day, the sidewalk cafes, restaurants, beer joints are packed. And naturally, old Guido has been known to sit on a park bench sucking on a Coke light, watching the parade of blonde pulchritude (and brunette, and red and green-haired) walk by, even those on the arms of invisible boyfriends. (old lechers never see the hapless git with the young nexus of lust. We all think “Come over here, baby, see what experience can do for you.” Then we hack up a piece of lung and risk breaking a hip trying to bend over to tie our shoe. Of course, we wait until she is gone, otherwise she will see the bald patch when we bend down.”)

I have enjoyed it here, gang. Now, it’s back to Greece. Back where the men are men and the sheep are nervous. Oh, I could go on, but I won’t. Oh, just one. The other day, I realized that the Greeks are only now getting around to emulating 1960’s America. They have eliminated pedestrian spaces, bulldozed public spaces, and are busy trying to build a replica of Walt Disney’s autopia. Face it, folks, there are just too many damn cars in Athens. There are too many damn cars everywhere, but Athens has taken absolutely no steps to provide alternatives to this. Let ’em eat smog.

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Don’t forget, friends, Tuxedomoon in Hasselt, Belgium
June 21……..Salle Belgie
Paris June 26,……Centre Pompidou

The Ten Greatest Rock Songs in HIstory at the Halle Kalk, Cologne
Final performances ever!………July 11, 12,13, 14

be there or be square.

I remain as ever,

your working boy