Japanese weirdness

It’s been a long time since I was in Japan. I first went there in 1986 on a Crepuscule package tour and then again in 1988 with Tuxedomoon. We were all floored by the impenetrable alien blade-runner sci-fi jetlagged out and out weirdness of the place. Memorable sights: David Byrne cavorting in his big suit on television to sell canned iced coffee, a crucified pop singer multiplied a thousandfold on the inhouse video network at Parco, the massive Tokyo department store atop which we played in 1988. Too much.

Steven came up to me on the bullet train with a strange triangular origami object. On the back he had written “On this planet this is a drinking cup.”

These videos will prove that things haven’t changed much over there.

Greek TV Documentary about Blaine L. Reininger

This documentary was aired in 2009 on Greek television on the venerable Greek documentary series “Paraskinio”. Titled “Blaine L. Reininger an American Friend” it was directed by my friend George Skevas, whom I met while filming with Nicholas Triandafyllidis in 1994.

I relate my story, Tuxedomoon’s story, and other stories that swim by my mind’s eye and I even polish my violin. There is a lot of Tuxedomoon concert footage and clips from other documentaries about us, including Steven Brown’s DVD from his video “The Super 8 Years” and clips from my Greek movie work.