Music for Dance and Theatre | tuxedomoon blaine l reininger

Music for Dance and Theatre | tuxedomoon blaine l reininger

Just uploaded my album of music for theatre and dance. I have decided that “album” is indeed the best word for this item since CD doesn’t really apply anymore and neither does “record” or LP. It is, in any case, a collection of music.
I am quite pleased with how this has all come out. I am especially pleased with the quick turnover from bandcamp. I have made more money off this site than I have made cumulatively from some record companies (nameless here).

How to "hard sub" an avi file with greek subtitles

October 22, 2011

This was an exhaustive search, but I have finally cracked it.

1. Download the desired video file from your favorite torrent site.

2. Download the greek subtitle file (.srt file) from one of the many fine greek sub sites. (Lately I just use ‘subtitle seek’).

3. Convert the .srt file to .ssa with a program called “subresync”.

4. Acquire “VirtualDub” and use that to include the subtitle file in the .avi information.

there. You must be sure that the video and the subtitle file have the exact same name (except for the file extension) and that they reside in the same directory.

When you have done this any divX capable player will play your file with the subtitles of your choice, whether or not it has the non-standard font required (greek, cyrillic, chinese etc.)

later note

In order to view the file without burning with ssa subtitles:

Simply open the .srt subtitle file with subresync, remembering to specify ‘greek’ from the drop down menu. Resave the file, remembering to check “UTF-8” first. Also remember to rename the .srt file with the exact same name as the video file and be sure that they reside in the same directory.

The video will now play on any media player capable of playing divx or other video formats.

Now you and your non-anglophone wife or husband can watch Madmen or Boardwalk Empire together, awash in mutual comprehension.


Rapture Postponed

It’s Sunday May 22, 2011 and nobody got raptured. Jesus didn’t come again and levitate the faithful outta here. Quelle surpríse. The real problem with this kind of religiosity is the fact that credulous bozoes and fanatics have convinced the mass of people that their antics constitute a definition of religion. To believe, in many people’s eyes, is to be a moron. In this way, fanatic dummies do more than anyone else to promote materialism and turn people away from spirituality. Que lastima.

Electric Girl Album

I have just released three pieces from 2008’s dance performance “Electric Girl”. They are available for paid download online.

Some program notes:

Quasi Stellar | Apostolia Papadamaki

Electric Girl


Quasi Stellar | Apostolia Papadamaki presents Electric Girl, her latest work.
In an old electric factory a strange man (Blaine Reininger), saves a girl (Chara Kotsali) who’s drowning under the cables of the deserted industrial unit. Their meeting is the start of a dissertation about the body and its sacred character, the subconscious, autonomy…
With a creative insight, Apostolia Papadamaki offers a performance wich combines passages in motion, Walt Whitman’s poetry and music performed live by Blaine Reininger, a member of the classic avant-garde band Tuxedomoon. Electric Girl. Are we witnessing a real body or the product of our imagination? Guilt or victimism? True or False?

Proof! Reptoids on the British Throne Stealing Earth Women!!

Now it can be told. See what my special z-ray sensitive CCD equipped camera picked up from the television. The truth can be told at last!!! Shape shifting reptilian aliens are earth’s true rulers!!!

According to British writer David Icke, 5 to 12-foot (1.5 – 3.7 m) tall, blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids from theAlpha Draconis star system, now hiding in underground bases in Hollow Earth, are the force behind a worldwide conspiracydirected at humanity.[7] He contends that most of the world’s leaders are related to these reptilians.[8] Icke’s conspiracy theories now have supporters in 47 countries and he frequently gives lectures to crowds of 2,500 or more.[9] American writer Vicki Santillano ranked the notion that “Reptilian humanoids control all of us” as the 10th most popular conspiracy theory.[10]

Big Friday Morning in Athens

Easter is coming yet again. Maria was dyeing eggs red in the Greek manner. They put a parsley or dill or mint leaf together with the egg wrapped in a piece of nylon stocking or a sock before putting it in the dye. The traditional dying medium was onion skins, saved all year for the occasion. After, you polish the eggs with olive oil.
Now,Good Friday (Big Friday to the Greeks) the sounds of droning byzantine song and tolling funereal bells for ol’ daid Jaysus drift up to our apartment from the 15 or 20 churches in a six block radius of our apartment. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of churches in Athens alone. This is why there is a constant furious breeze in Athens, from the quick circular self-crossing motions that greeks are compelled to do every time they see a church.  Tonight they drag out a two-dimensional flatland rendition of daid JC and parade him in a picturesque manner around town, often accompanied by marching bands. It is a big night.

We will most likely go down to Piraeus, putting our bicycles on the metro.

That’s it for today. Xristos Anesti.

Weekend in Larisa

Some video from this working weekend (April 15-18, 2011). Went up north to do a couple of gigs with Tilemachos, Trikala and Larisa. Mostly for the good. It rained and cancelled our plans to bike around Trikala on our day off. We were obliged to spend Saturday surfing the net with the hotel wifi. Later, coming home, I discovered that the bus had free wifi. Wow and wow. I called a bunch of friends using skype and chatted as the greek scenery unfolded around me. Very 21st century!

Much of the trip I was entertained mightily by my new smartphone, the mighty Nokia C7. I packed it with videos to watch on the bus, surfed the wifi, played Angry Birds for hours on end, including in the dressing room waiting for the show. Marvelous. Watched the documentary about Ray Kurzweil “Transcendent Man”. Was doubly appropriate to watch it from a hand-held device. As he said, “The computer in your pocket would have cost 350 million dollars in 1965.”  An example of the mindboggling acceleration of technological innovation we are witness to.

The shows went well, I was in good voice and playing form, the audience in Trikala won my love because they didn’t yak and jabber and even shout all the time as the Greeks usually do. This is a major flaw in the Greek public. They talk endlessly during shows, looking up only occasionally to see what the hapless bozoes onstage are up to. This makes it hard to play to them. The Larissians were as guilty of this as the Athenians. You want to give ’em a slap.

Now home. Good to sleep in my own bed.