Earth Day in Kolonaki

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Earth Day in Kolonaki

Was sitting in platia kolonaki staring into space, absently regarding passing females when up walks Maria out of nowhere.  Says “I was wondering who was the bozo with all the lights on his bicycle when I realized it was you! “
Then we kissed a few times. Finally one of The kolonaki honies walks up and plants one on me and it’s my wife.
Now at Dentist waiting to assess the current damage and learn how much torture will prove necessary to arrest the flow of entropy for a couple years.
Ah, life.

Papou's memorial

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Papou’s memorial

Going out to voula  for Ian’s grandfather’s Mnimosion. This is a memorial service held 40 days after someone’s passing. I like this Greek custom of having a gathering after someone dies. Everyone has coffee (and cognac) and eats this delicious sort of afterlife trailmix called Koliva.   This is very good to speed the process of mourning along. The dead are apportioned some of this Koliva, albeit symbolically. These tend to be life-affirming affairs and I feel alive after attending one. 
Riding metro him in new outfit I bought yesterday at h & m. I gotta pee. My tooth starting to hurt where Brussels dentist put temp filling.
My cup runneth over.
Ended up on beach at Glyfada after coffee in oasis hotel. Then I took Athens’ tram home. We have one tram line, set up for the olympics. It functions and is a good way to ride up and down the seafront but it is glacially slow.
Ian out at the church in Voula

Maria opening

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Maria opening

Maria opens at the old school where I played a drag queen in national Theatro.  Memories memories. Wish her well. Last night at generali she was so nervous her mouth dried out. Poor baby.
As the show opened, Maria came on and she was amazing. She was great. I had never seen her so good in anything. The range of her expressions and her vocal facility and body language were amazing. Bravo baby!


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Stinky dressing room. Like Athens 20 years ago. More. I took a pillow off the couch in my dressing room to rest my head on my yoga mat. After my yoga, my neck was itching me. I investigated the pillow and the couch from which it had come and saw a multitude of identical black dots. whoops. bedbugs. delightful when combined with 50 year old urine smell. Informed later by Yani that the dressing rooms were even worse before and that their current state was the result of a cleaning program instituted by him.

Beirut Airport

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Made it in one piece. Border guard was young woman. Got same visa as before. So much worry. Had to replace my passport with a temporary one because of malicious stamping by Israeli border guard two years ago.

Waiting for the Brussels crew to arrive. Guy sitting next table talking to Finnish UN  soldiers about the Jew media and how the jews get their fangs into every country they inhabit. In Cyprus, there was this goofy teenager who told me and everyone else he had had enough of Greece and was heading back to syria. Just setting the stage.

Waiting for the gang to arrive from Brussels. Having a Pepsi. No Coke. Pepsi.
Steven and Max arrive Beirut
Steven and Max arrive at Beirut

Excellent Brussels Adventure, Part 2

Well, folks, I’m back home in Athens now. The composition and rehearsal process for Thierry Smits’ piece “Clear Tears” which has commanded my attention since September pauses for Christmas before the actual performances start in January. The Tuxedomoon Autumn Tourlet which we undertook during October and into November is now also finished. All we have left are our memories and those are fading fast. Time to feast the eyes upon some shadows of the already-glorious past. As I always say “The only way to improve the past is by living fully in the present.”

Brussels 2012 Video

You’ve seen the photos, now marvel at the video. See! Vasco the Dog and his enormous blue ball! Hear! my slightly clueless singing on “Cielito Lindo”. Marvel! at the Rollerbladers of Brussels. Wonder why Bolivian Indians are dressing up like Navajoes and playing Easy Listening pan-pipe versions of Euro-disco hits on the streets of Europe, all dressed the same and using the same arrangements, selling the same Cd’s and using the same gear from Oslo to Athens. Who sent them? Then marvel at Greek airline’s Star Wars style greeting at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport. I was there, now I am back, soon I will return.